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You like exercise and want to enjoy your cycling experience to the fullest? With our electric bikes, cycling fun is guaranteed.


All our e-bikes are pedelec bicycles: you can treadle, but also almost effortlessly climb all mountains thanks to the electronic support.


We can offer you the following models:


I: SY Flyer Eco


The i: SY-Flyer ECO is a Swiss high-quality product of approx. 21 kg. It is considered as an all-round entry-level model with high driving comfort. The i: SY-Flyer ECO is a compact bike with a special frame geometry and a low step as well as 20 inch wheels. The handlebar "Speedlifter Twist" is rotatable, which makes it easy to store the bike. Additionally, this e-bike model is equipped with an 8-speed Shimano hub (Nexus) and Shimano-V brakes. A 10 Amp battery as well as a 8 Amp spare battery ensure unrestricted driving pleasure.



E-Bike i:SY Flyer Eco - Radverleih - Cylce Turkey


i:SY Flyer Eco - Technical details


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E-bike Cube Delhi Hybrid Pro 


The infinitely variable NuVinci hub gear and the pleasant low step are just two features that make the Cube Delhi Hybrid Pro the optimal rental e-bike for our Plus Travel. With the powerful Bosch drive and the durable 400 Wh rechargeable battery, you can handle longer distances and slopes without difficulty. The intuitively operated onboard computer informs you reliably about battery life and range. Also included is the low-maintenance hydraulic rim brake, which you can rely on in any situation. Suspension fork and spring-loaded seat provide the necessary comfort.


E-Bike Cube Delhi Hybrid Pro - Radverleih - Cycle Turkey



Cube Delhi Hybrid Pro - Technical details


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