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Since ancient times, Asia Minor, today’s Turkey, has been considered a cultural bridge between Europe and Asia. Throughout history it has been home to a vast variety of different civilisations and cultures. Today, there are many archaeological sites that bear witness to this fascinating history: From the world’s oldest place of worship in Göbekli Tepe (12th millennium BCE), to Hattusha, the former capital of Hittites, to the numerous sites of the antiquity and the architecture left behind from the Ottoman Empire – each site is unique and tells its own, interesting story.

With the development of archaeology into the modern science that it is today, Turkey has proven to be a particularly interesting area for research. In Turkey today, Turkish and international research teams are working together on 153 sites studying cultures and civilisations from Neolithic cultures up to the Ottomon era.

For centuries, Turkey’s cultural history has been intricately linked to that of Christianity, which, in its early days, spread to Anatolia. In the search for traces of Christian faith in Turkey, you will encounter the incredible landscapes, churches and monasteries that were written of in the letter of Paul the Apostle and in the Revelation to John.

The Apostle Paul was born in Tarsus on the Mediterranean Sea in today’s southern Turkey. This was also the starting point of the apostle’s missionary journeys. The places that received the Seven Letters of the John’s Gospel, the so-called Seven Churches, all lie within the territory of today’s Turkey: 1) Ephesus, 2) Laodicea, 3) Pergamum, 4) Philadelphia, 5) Sardis, 6) Smyrna and 7) Thyatira.

A rich, biblical-archaeological heritage can also be found in today’s Istanbul, the former Constantinople and the earlier Byzantium, as well as the rocky fairy tale world of Cappadocia.

Due to Turkey’s almost unlimited cultural treasures, Cycle Turkey offers biblical-archaeological tours to Cappadocia and the Seven Churches during the winter months. Additionally, you can also combine each of our multi-day trips with our varied four-day extension program “Istanbul Exclusive“.

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