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The natural paradise that is the Gökova Gulf

The Gökova Gulf is located in the Southern Aegean between the Bodrum Peninsula in the north and the Datca Peninsula in the south and has been a protected nature reserve since 1988.

Outdoor enthusiasts will fall in love with the place as it has an incredible abundance of Mediterranean flora and fauna. Aside from the red and black pine forests, there are also a vast number of cedars, pistachios, junipers, oaks, maples, bay trees, olive trees and carobs. As may be expected, the bird life is as diverse as the forest they live in. Everything from quails, partridges, rock partridges, black cormorants, nightjars, wild ducks, wild geese, mountain sparrows, eagles, falcons sparrow hawks and owls call the abundant landscape of the Gökova Gulf home. The sapphire blue waters of the gulf are equally as rich in life as the land, teaming with schools of fish, octopuses, and various species of lobster. The main attraction above all however, are the dolphins.

The Gökova Gulf stretches a total length of 100km. The exceptionally irregular coastline provides numerous anchorages in stunningly beautiful surroundings. Quiet bays at Yediadalar, bays with moorings infront of traditional pubs, and the biggest highlight of all for visitors by boat is the anchorage directly in front of the spectacular archaeological site of Knidos on the tip of the Datca Peninsula. This makes the Gökova Gulf a true sailor’s paradise also.

In the south of the gulf on the Island of Sedir (Zeder), remains of ancient Roman and Greek settlements can be found. This island is also home of the Cleopatra Beach to which there are many tales including Cleopatra and Antonius. The Dorians founded the cities of Halikarnassos, today Bodrum, and Knidos, where Afrodites, the goddess of love, was first sculpted in the nude by the famous sculptor, Praxiteles in 360 B.C.

Due to its incredible location and terrain, the Gökova Gulf is the perfect playground for active holidaymakers. Spared completely from mass tourism, bikers and hikers can enjoy almost untouched landscapes and natural trails. The bike tours venture through a variation of terrain, sometimes inland, sometimes along the coast with the ever-present possibility to stop at a secluded bay and jump in the water for a refreshing swim stop.

The beautiful coastline of the Gökova Gulf with over 66 natural bays best explored by boat. Cycle Turkey provide you with the perfect travel package to explore this natural wonder by Boat & Bike or MTB & Boat giving you two incredible perspectives as you enjoy an active holiday away from the crowds. 

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