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Welcome in Lycia, in the ‘Land of Light’

Lycia is one of the most incredible landscapes in the eastern Mediterranean and is located in the far south of Turkey, between the mountain peaks of the Taurus and the charming beaches of the Mediterranean coast. Lycia offers its visitors a vast number of incredibly well preserved antique city sites which can be visited. They have a wonderfully unique character shaped by the specific cultural development of the region. Therefore Lycia holds the advantage of surprising even the most seasoned cultural traveler with new insights and architectural wonders. This offers a refreshing sense of adventure and exploration for visitors in the region.

The coastline provides a well-developed infrastructure, allowing self-guided tourists to find their way around without any difficulties. The inland however is scarcely populated and offers enchanting insights into the rural lifestyle of the locals. Many of the wondersome ancient city sites are located off the beaten track in remote but spectacular landscapes.

The landscapes in Lycia are wild but beautiful, with steep cliff faces, turquoise green lagoons, coastal pine forests and white sand beaches. The perfect backdrop for hikers and mountain bikers. Those fortunate enough to explore this wonderful region by boat can enjoy it from its best perspective; from the sea. Nestled along the Mediterranean Sea, the region is a natural spectacle with a clear blue coastline, bordered by countless small islands and bays, with towering 3000 m high mountains, roaring rivers, fertile valleys and fragrant forests.

Situated perfectly as an accent to the natural beauty are the enchanting ruins of countless ancient cities. The famous ‘Lycian Trail’ connects all of these incredible places along a distance of 500 km. The trail is a serviced hiking path and is an ideal way to discover the region either on foot or by bike.

You can discover the magic of the Lycian Coast on a weeklong tour with Cycle Turkey by Boat & Bike. If you would like to spend more time in the region, to hike a portion of the trail or to simply relax at the seaside simply get in contact with us about the possibilities!

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